VETTE UNDERCAR TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, is dedicated to providing added enjoyment to car enthusiasts by providing expert consultation and high quality workmanship and service. We provide a complete range of automotive repair and performance upgrade services. We specialize in custom undercarriage work, (including high flow exhaust systems, performance brakes, rotors and calipers, suspension upgrades and more), expert diagnostics and repair of your car's engine and complex electronic control systems
to ensure that your car continues to perform at the highest level. When customizing vehicles, VETTE UNDERCAR uses only the highest quality aftermarket components. We deal with several select manufacturers in order to provide you with the best options for your specific needs. If you're like most sports car owners, adding your own personal touch to your car is probably of interest to you. Let VETTE UNDERCAR help!  YOU BOUGHT THE RIGHT CAR.......NOW MAKE IT RIGHT FOR YOU!
VETTE UNDERCAR  provides expert diagnostic and repair capabilities and specialty upgrade services. We concentrate on the specialty areas below.....we are not a "do-everything" business and we do not typically do body work. Our customer base is focused on two areas; American made sport, performance and muscle cars, (we particularly love GM brands like Chevy's and Pontiacs)  and European performance cars. Set up an appointment with Mike. See the shop and talk about cars. Have a cold drink or a coffee and toss around ideas about personalizing
your car. Browse through manufacturers catalogs. VETTE UNDERCAR is not a dealership (thankfully!). MIke and Chris love cars. When we're done working on yours, we usually work on our own.

VETTE UNDERCAR provides many other services for its customers, including:

Premium oil and filter changes are available by appointment. You can choose Manufacturer recommended Mobil1 Synthetic or upgrade to Amsoil.
Need a new battery? Are you sure?? Complete charging system load test diagnostics are provided free of charge to our customers.
Alarms, Remote Starters and Integrated Radar Detectors:
OK, you have a prized possession....your Car. You drive it only in the summer and know how hot it gets, especially with leather and tee tops.
. Diagnostics
. Engine Repairs
. Exhaust systems
. Brake systems
. Suspensions
. Intakes
. Shifters

and much more! Click here to view all of our services.

Vette Undercar takes pride in what we do. Click here to view some of our work.
We are conveniently located at 32 Haverhill Road, in Salem NH. Click here to contact us.
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