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VETTE UNDERCAR is owned by Mike Contarino, and operated by Mike along with Chris Gagnon. Both Mike and Chris are sports car enthusiasts and owners. Among Mike's collection is a 1999 Corvette 6-speed coupe and a 1968 4-speed GTO. Chris's pride and joy is a show quality 1993 Mazda RX7.


Mike began driving during the "muscle car" era of the early 1970's. From his first car, a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, Mike always worked on his own cars. [although initially it wasn't necessarily by choice only....economics (i.e. no money) also played a key role!]. Thus began Mike's long-term love affair with sports cars and high performance vehicles. He has also been a motorcyclist for 30+ years and still owns his first Harley, a 1980 Sportster that he purchased new.

Since his teens, Mike has worked on his (and others) cars and motorcycles and developed a love for the technology. In particular, the high-torque derived from GM pushrod V8's and Harley V-Twins became his passion, hobby and then his profession.


Mike is a degreed Mechanical Engineer who previously worked in the Medical Device and Biotech industries. He held several high level technical management positions before formally launching VETTE UNDERCAR TECHNOLOGIES.

Mike is a full member of SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers, and is also ASE certified. He attained an "Undercar Specialist" certification with specific expertise in Brakes, Suspension and Steering, and Exhaust Systems.

Chris was trained in Automotive Technology at New Hampshire Technical College (concentration on Ford). His passion, however, is Mazda, particularly rotary engine technology, and other Japanese performance automobiles.

VETTE UNDERCAR is a member of SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association).


If you own a Corvette, muscle car or any sports or performance car, you must love technology and appreciate others who do. Who do you want working on your car??  Will they treat your car like their own?

If you normally use a Dealership for  maintenance and repairs,  do you really think that $80 or more for an oil change is fair? Are dealership service hourly rates of $90+ worth it? Did you ever get the feeling that the dealership is trying to convince you that THEY are the only one's qualified to fix your car? Did you ever feel like they were fixing things that weren't really broken??

Maybe you use "Backyard Joe" or do your own repairs. Absolutely no issue with that! But what happens when the problem is more complex than originally thought. How do you (or "Joe") diagnose the problem? Are you using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools or just changing parts? (Changing parts that aren't the cause of the problem is not only costly, it's time consuming and frustrating....and oftentimes fruitless!)

Think about the little things. Do you think your mechanic will tighten lug nuts with a torque wrench (instead of an impact wrench) to ensure that correct and equal pressure is exerted on your brake rotors? (It prevents warpage). Will he use a phenolic coated socket so your chrome lugs will not get dinged? Does he really have an appreciation for the investment you have made in your car?


VETTE UNDERCAR originated in North Salem, New Hampshire, in a 1000 sq. ft. facility. The business has recently expanded and relocated to a larger 1800 sq. ft. building, still in North Salem. The garage is equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools. Feel free to contact Mike to schedule a visit to see for yourself.


VetteUndercar prides itself on its customer service and quality of work. NOBODY will treat you as well as we do. We have a long list of references that will vouch for this. Most likely, you can talk to someone who has had similar work performed on their vehicle. Our business was built from the ground up….one customer at a time.


VetteUndercar's mission is to become northern New England's premier Corvette and performance car service center by providing unparalleled customer service, quality of workmanship, and cost-effective repair for all of our customer's automotive needs.

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