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VETTE UNDERCAR  provides expert diagnostic and repair capabilities and specialty upgrade services. We concentrate on the specialty areas below.....we are not a "do-everything" business and we do not typically do body work. Our customer base is focused on two areas; American made sport, performance and muscle cars, (we particularly love GM brands like Chevy's and Pontiacs)  and European performance cars. Set up an appointment with Mike. See the shop and talk about cars. Have a cold drink or a coffee and toss around ideas about personalizing your car. Browse through manufacturers catalogs. VETTE UNDERCAR is not a dealership (thankfully!). MIke and Chris love cars. When we're done working on yours, we usually work on our own.


ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEMS: Today's cars are complex, computer controlled engineering masterpieces. However, when something goes wrong, it can become a frustrating experience for the average Joe or small repair shop owner to diagnose and repair. At
VETTE UNDERCAR, we have heavily invested in stare-of the-art, vehicle specific, diagnostic equipment. Let us solve your problem correctly, effieciently and cost effectively.


EXHAUST SYSTEMS: Nothing compares with the feeling of hearing your engine come to life by adding a high-performance exhaust system to your Corvette. Let
VETTE UNDERCAR improve your Corvette's performance and sound by replacing the stock exhaust system with quality aftermarket components or a complete system. Choose from several quality suppliers such as B&B, Borla, Corsa and Magnaflow. Improve back pressure balance by replacing your stock "H" pipe with an "X" style crossover pipe. Go one step further and add street legal high-flow catalytic converters from Random Technology.
BRAKE SYSTEMS: Improve performance and appearance by customizing your Corvette's stock brake system. You can start by adding Z06 style brake calipers to your C5 for an appearance boost. Add performance upgrades like one or two piece drilled and slotted rotors, stainless steel brake lines and high performance street brake pads. VETTE UNDERCAR features upgrades from Baer, Wildwood and Hawk.
SUSPENSION: For the truly "sport" minded driver, VETTE UNDERCAR can tune your Corvette's suspension to suit your driving tendencies. Choose from stiffer gas shocks to adjustable "coil-overs" from Bilstein. Finish with a larger diameter sway bar kit from Hotchkis to obtain 50% more roll resistance than stock.

To maximize your Corvette's performance, your engine needs to breath. If you have already opened up the air flow on the exhaust side, providing increased flow on the intake side will further improve your Corvette's performance. Replace the restrictive stock intake system with a higher flow dual intake system or a K&N Air Induction System and add up to 16HP on the Dyno.  You can also replace the stock Mass Air Flow Sensor and throttle body with replacements from Granatelli or SLP.

Do  you want a bit more performance and fun from your Corvette's 6 speed transmission? Replace your stock shifter with an upgrade from Hurst or B&B. Both offer a shorter throw for quicker shifts. Tired of the 1st to 4th "skip-shift" feature? Let
VETTE UNDERCAR fix that while you wait!

ENGINE SWAPS: Need an engine replacement? Vette Undecar can provide new Chevrolet crate engines of all sizes and power levels; small block or big block. If you prefer we will swap out your blown engine with a used or rebuilt engine you supply.

VetteUndercar now offers powdercoating services for metal components and wheels up to 20 inches. Choose your color and gloss level and let us solvent clean,  bead blast and coat your parts.

VETTE UNDERCAR provides many other services for its customers, including:

Premium oil and filter changes are available by appointment. You can choose Manufacturer recommended Mobil1 Synthetic or upgrade to Amsoil.

Need a new battery? Are you sure?? Complete charging system load test diagnostics are provided free of charge to our customers.

Alarms, Remote Starters and Integrated Radar Detectors:
OK, you have a prized possession....your Car. You drive it only in the summer and know how hot it gets, especially with leather and tee tops. How about a remote starter to get your A/C going before you get in your car? (Not the easiest thing with a manual transmission, but we're experts!) Combine that with a top-of -the-line Alarm System and have no worries! Now that your in your cooled-off car, make sure you don't spend your time on the side of the road, talking with your friendly neighborhood law enforcer. Have us install an integrated Radar Detector discretely located out of site in your front grill area.
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